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My problem with booking.com is the unfair requests made for commission for no show guests and cancellations. I informed the company of all no shows and cancellations immediately, but they claim it should be done on the check out date. What's the difference? What is important is that they were informed. So invoices were sent to me to pay commission on money not earned. I disapprove of this very unfair and unethical policy  and I have no interest in partnering with booking.com anymore. In addition some guests are problematic and when you complain to booking.com there is no redress. 

Another issue is that when there are no shows your space remains blocked for the duration and there is no facility to open the period for other bookings. Therefore you lose income, yet booking.com charges commission on these no shows. I am of the view that if the company wants commission for no shows and cancellations the guests should be charged. I have dutifully paid all commission due for the guests who have turned up so I owe the company nothing. Yet according to them commission is demanded for no shows and cancellations. 

I will not recommend that anyone partner with this company until they change their unfair practices. 



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Linda,


So if I read this right your issue is only with there being a charge for No Shows & cancellations, because you are not receiving a payment for either type ?


Is that right?


That would only make sense if your rate type and cancellation policy attached provides full refund if the rate is prepaid to you directly or to BdC via Payments By Booking , as a prepaid booking.


There is nothing  unfair and unethical about that, that is perfectly normal.



Marking as No Show ensures you still get paid if the rate is prepaid only, and it will free up inventory count.

If it does not do it quick enough for you you can simply increase the inventory for those dates until it does and then lower it.


Also incase it stil has not sunk in yet, a No Show that is prepaid , you are fully entitled to it minus the commission and fee if applicable.

As for cancellations the same applies to Non refundable  Rates and Rate cancellation policies that only allow partial or no refunds.


So therefore any thing paid out to you via Payments By Booking or VCC issued, will always be commission paid.


Be under no illusion as to what is the norm in these scenarios.




Kind Regards


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Linda Superville 3 years ago


Thanks for your comments. I am not paid by booking.com, the guests pay upon arrival. That's why I said the request for commission is unfair and unethical as I am being charged commission for income that I have not earned.