I sent a message to Booking.com about three renters who did not pay as somehow or another my means of payment changed from booking.com accepting the payments as they had done for the past several years to ME collecting the payments.  This happened in October.  Any reservations before that date were paid through Booking even though the stay was after October 1.  I did't realize that there was a problem until I noticed that there were three payments we hadn't received over Christmas holidays.  As most payments come a month or later after a stay, I kept checking into February, and didn't see the deposit.  When I called Booking, they told me that things had changed as of October on our account.  So we were supposed to have collected the fees.  Since we have someone else managing the house in France, they weren't aware that they were to collect since in the past (for many years), Booking has collected.  I called Guest Services who told me that it was our responsibility to collect.  They said they were going to contact the renters.  We sent letters to them asking for the payment.  No response (not a surprise).  I sent a message to Booking.com a few days ago asking what they could do to help.  We, in the meantime, have paid them over 500 in commission.  Our total loss is about 3k euros.  

Booking has not responded.  The changeover of accounts payable status is very subtle.  I didn't see anything in their messages to us to verify it.  It must have been an accident on my part.  Now I am upset because booking has not responded to my inquiry about what our next step, if anything, can be.  

BrookAve 2 years ago


Yikes, thats not good.


The crux of it is BdC system changed how payments were collected , and therefore their responsibility to notify you of that and why.


have you found any emails from prior to that changes in the 90days prior?


It would be good to confirm if there was or was not a notification.


As at that point you may have a case to call them out armed with that.

There should be a copy of all corespondence in the Extranet > Inbox or bookingdCom Messages inbox.


I would escalade this via message first asking for the case to be escaladed to a manager.


After that I'm not sure who next or what next you can do if anything.


Asking the guests now long since gone for payment, is fine but be prepared for them to ignore.


Note what may look like an ignore could actually be they fell victim to COVID19, so just bear that in mind too as to why you are not hearing back.


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I hope it gets sorted.