Missing payment from Booking.com

Hi, I am supposedly paid weekly by Booking.com, although the payments are far from weekly and I never really know when I will be paid. Booking.com owe me £722 for the period 4th - 18th October 2020. They made payments to me after this date but have overlooked this payment. I have messaged the finance dept. More times than I can remember, with not one single response. I sent a general message with a response that it was being referred to an ‘expert.’ I once got through on the phone (transferred to the USA although I am in the UK and phoned London), they looked at my account, apologised and said I was indeed owed the money. This was a Friday. They said they would message the finance dept. When I told them messages were not answered, they said they would leave a message for a colleague to ting finance on the Monday to ask them to make payment. I have heard nothing. I filled in a complaints form. No response. I am in the UK in lockdown, so my business is closed, I have hardly any other income and I have bills to pay, so I need this money desperately. Don’t know where to turn now. If I phone and enter my ID they hang up. IS BOOKING.COM IN TROUBLE? Is anyone else owed money? What do I do if no one responds?

Lisa Agogue 3 years ago

Yes I am owed money and I just get told I have to wait though nobody knows how long. I was told finance dept only keeps the line open for about half  an hour then deals with all the backlog.They promise to phone back then never do.