Missing payments

I feel as though I am just running out of ideas and hope posting on here will highlight my problem with Booking.com and maybe connect with others with similar problems.

Booking.com have handled my payments since day 1. A couple of months ago I switched to weekly pay.

Everything was going fine until the payment from 9th to 17th Oct didn't get paid. The invoice just continuously shows "payment being processed" It is now 20 days overdue and 2 more invoices are also awaiting payment.

The finance department is nothing short of disgraceful. I have sent them numerous emails. I have had one response which took 8 days! And the answer? Look in finance tab and you will see your invoice is being processed for payment!!!

Partner help can't speak to finance and phoning the "finance number" is a joke as it just auto diverts to partner help.

Any ideas as the problem has gone from an irritation to causing me financial difficulties.

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hey there,

Thanks for sharing. I was thinking of switching to the being paid 4 times a month option but I do know it is super brand new. It is thus untested and will be a bit wobbly.

Make sure to send them feedback so they can do better. That is what Booking.com strives for after all.