Missing payments

Dear Partner, 

Refer above listing, as dated i writing this inquiries, I have still YET to receive my May,Jun,July 2019 payment from booking.com as I know normally it take only 30days from the month guest check out. 

Such case may make my operating cash flow very tight. Hence, I need your kind favor to expedite the payment to me with soonest possible. 

May 19- RM 159.90

June 19-RM 2819.16

July19- RM 557.16

Total : RM 3536.22

Trust above is in order. 



Herman Chen

Booking.com genuis partner 


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pibomarco 4 years ago

You get paid from Booking.com only if you have activated the feature "Payments by Booking.com" (which is not available in some countries), and I doubt you did so. If you are not using this feature, then you as a host must handle all the payments based on your selected payment policy in extranet.