Monthly discount

Can someone suggest a monthly discount percentage? Thanks for any advice! Jim

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi Jim an welcome to the Partner Community.

I have created a 25% monthly discount.

Wish you well.

BrookAve 2 years ago

It depends and how you have setup and structured your rate plans.


What I did was base Monthly  as - Managed By Calendar


Then I worked out how much I would need to be taking in each month for one room. Now add the % fees on top of that (commission+ payment gateway)

e.g. 600 +18% = 708 a month eur

now in your new monthly rate plan , set the max stay to 28, (since shortest month is 28 days)

You might want to consider two Monthly Plans also.

OffPeak  Monthly and Peak Monthly



Using this method you have more control  versus using the other method of x% cheaper than Nightly Rate.

For that method assuming Night is NR and 99eur

99 x 28 =2772, so now lets say minimum you want for 28days is 2000

99-30 - 69 , x28 =1932 eur   so you would set the discount as minus 28 eur

give you 2016eur


note:  this does not factor in expenses nor commission.