Mr Elwyn Evans

Good Evening,

Could someone possibly help us with the following issues please ? -

1.    We have a growing issue with so many guests that are booking dates without registering any Card details whatsoever.

How do we avoid this problem as it has a consequence of simply blocking up large slices of your booking calendar without the guest making any commitment whatsoever towards securing that booking date ?

2.   Can anyone please guide us through the process of cancelling the 'Genius' scheme where those guests who are genius members or qualified are able to obtain discount on what is an already generously discounted rate ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed a lot of light to this area on contention



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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Hi Elwyn

I've posted many times about taking bookings and payments and preventing fake bookings etc .... If it's available, use Payments by Booking.com and set every date to non-refundable. You will get the bookings, you will stop the fake bookings and you will get paid whether the guest turns up or not. Taking payments yourself by credit card exposes you to the very high risks of fake bookings through Booking.com and the very high risk of no-shows, leaving you with emtpy rooms and no time to take other bookings. Payments by Booking.com has a high commission rate, but just increase your prices to cover that. Others will have other ideas and solutions ....

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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Isle you are right....

Payment by booking.com is so simple and safe...

I am 100% satisfied.

Have a nice evening.