Mrs knights

I thought I had already posted this but I can't find it - so here it is again.

BDC have invoiced me for 204.47 euros. They have admitted in an extranet message that this amount is wrong. They have agreed that I only owe 109.07. I really would like to pay what I owe but BDC will not amend the account. I do not trust them not to ask for the difference if I pay the lower amount unless they amend the invoice. 

This has been going on for months. The helpline agree that we only owe the lower amount and all I get from accounts is how to pay. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sue Knights


For financial payments to BdC simply open the FINANCE MENU, 


OPTION 1 -  Bank Details


OPTION 2:- Bank Transfer to BdC


Trust is a misnomer, its a computer that does it, once the payment is received. i.e. do not over think it, that just causes unnecessary stress for you.


Kind regards


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Sue Knights 3 years ago

Yes. Many thanks but unfortunately you are giving the standard BDC reply which does not answer the question, which is:-

Why cannot BDC present an accurate invoice for the amount they themselves say I owe, instead of one for a higher amount - an amount they have failed to justify. 

I know how to pay but I will not part-pay an incorrect invoice.

BrookAve 3 years ago


I am not BdC. I cut thru the padding and sugar coating and tell you how it is, we are partners like you.


If you do nothing, nothing will change. That is just how they do things.


They will never read this to do it for you unless you contact them directly. and even then there is no guarantee either.


So all i'm saying is quickest solution for you and can move on then, is to just transfer the part amount and then their system will do the rest.


I know this because i had to do similar recently and as so as i did it the cogs turned in BdC IT system and the payouts resumed.


Kind Regards