how does one speak to an agent at Booking com? It seems all the local numbers listed for SA no reply in spite of holding on and listening to an automated recording for in excess of 25 min over two days. The numbers I have are+27 01 140 2059 and +27079 653 2609

neither of these numbers are ever answered. 

the issue was urgent. Guest booked last minute for the same day and then cancelled within the hour of making the booking. Reservation number *** 

He asked me for a full Refund which I agreed to. However when he cancelled it charged him and I emailed booking com via extranet to allow full refund. This has not been actioned (although it is still only 24hrs who) but guest is jumping up and down asking why I tricked him in saying it was free cancellation when it’s not showing as much his side. That’s why I desperately needed to reach an agent. The guest has been on at me the whole night because if this. He did cancel within an hour of booking so I’m fine with him getting g all his money back. Please help. How do I resolve this.