Is my appartment a dwelling according to Royal Decree (1070/2017)

I have been sent an email to fill my VAT details in Spain according to Royal Decree (1070/2017).

First question is unclear to me:

Is your property categorized as a "dwelling" under Spanish law (Decree 1070/2017)?*

I have an appartment in Girona, Spain, with all tourist lisence etc.

Could you clarify?


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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi David Lloret,


Hi David

How are you? 

Thanks for your question. But think it is best to ask team of BDC, not hosts. 

This is a sharing platform for hosts. If you have questions regarding your category contact Bdc in your own country under contact in your extranet. 

Hope they can help you with it. 


Aaltje B.