my lust minut booking for today was usin my appartament and then cancell without my permision

How come the guest was able to cancel just because she didn't  want to put the temperature up in the apartament or didn't  wanted to wait  to warm up a bit 

without  my permision i just have seen a cancelation and i give them all the facilities they book lust minut and of corse it was slightly  cold in the room as nobody  was using  it before i have to pay for cleaning  and  all the fees  are included in my usually  reservation  

How come is that posible i have no cancelation policii on my account  for each cancelation .

i don't  think  is fear  for me to have to pay that money for nothing 

BrookAve 3 years ago


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Hi   {person who did not set an appropriate profile name } 


I understand and agree with e scenario above. I too would be pissed if BdC did that.


I take it no one actually rang you, not the guest nor BdC Partner Support to confirm the cancelation?


or how did you find out?


If you are receiving an invoice, for commission, and the guest did not prepay, then yes you can use the Dispute feature on the statement list under Finance.


or simply message or phone BdC Support. see visual guide below.


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