Nail Chichkin, Ostend Apartment, ***

a while ago I contacted booking.com about my guest (***) that I had received for the first time and so far I still have not received a reply from booking.com about this situation.
I don't blame anyone, so I try second time, to get answers.
It was about a few things, namely:

1. Guests had made sure that both the sink and the shower were clogged, with vomit and other filth, so I had to have a plumber appear.
2. Guests did not keep them to the rules and partied at night after 10pm.
3. Several coffee bags, plates and glasses were broken.
4. From the hallway you could smell alcohol. Beverage, (I think wine and vodka) was all over the floor both in bedroom and in the living room.
5. I may not have followed up on that, but the last straw was that no cleaning fee was paid to me!

Can anything be done about that?

I apologize for the inconvenience, I really would have preferred that none of this happened.

I would really like to continue working with booking.com and that is why I would like to have some clarity about that.
So that I know what to expect in similar situations in the future.

I wish you and your families good health in these difficult times.
Take good care of each other!

Hopefully you don't take it wrong.
Thank you very much for your understanding.
With best regards,
Nail Chichkin.

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

Hello Nail

Sorry to here about your bad experience with your first booking.com guest!

The is the bdc partner forum and you will only get replies from partners like yourself as bdc personnel are only here to administer the forum. Have you tried emailing the support via the extranet inbox?

Personally I think it is too late now but some advice I would give is as follows:

you should consider charging your guests a refundable deposit which they would lose if they cause damage or do not observe the rules.

On the clogging of the pipes causing you to bring in a plumber - they should have paid that price!

Cleaning fee should be paid upfront not on checkout.