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need to help us not just guest

Hi i like to know what you do for us in this time of need.

You cancel all my bookings for free and still you charge me a fee on my bookings.

Without your partners you have no bussniess to not only the guest.i pay you a good money for your service so i will be happy if you can take the fee for the month march off not only for but all of us.

one more think i have to pay tax on your fee in czech republik.Please can you make it right and pay your tax right thank you is not ferrrr to us.


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fluff 3 years ago

For each cancellation advice you receive there will be a box to tick "Do you wish to waive cancellation fees". For Covid cancellations you mark this box "Yes". You don't get any money and neither does BDC.

In the great scheme of things BDC pay their tax based on the invoices we pay them.