[need help]How to cancel stripe payment with booking?



I did setup a channel manager called nobeds. Since I ve done that, when a custumer pay me on booking.com using a virtual card, the payment is done with stripe. The problem is that using stripe give me unecessary fees..


I did contact nobeds they told me to contact stripe

I did contact stripe they told me to contact booking.com


So? How can I cancel stripe for the the virtual card payment only. I want(need) to keep stripe for the payment on my  website



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Vladislav Sokolov 1 year ago

Hello Frederic!

You could change your policies, as you don't accept cards on location.

• Extranet → «Property» → «Policies» → «Other policies» → «Guest payment options»

That way Booking will pay you directly on your bank account.

You'll have to opt-out of «Payments by Booking.com» to change the method. Then you'll be able to opt-in again... Yes, that's how their system works! :D


You'll be able to accept cards on your site, and Booking will pay you out directly. But this will cost you 1% fee anyway...