New to Booking.. and this I didn't like

Hello you all... I'm spanish so first of all, forgive my english!

Straight to the point:

I own a house not a hotel, so the different cancellation policies available are not suitable for me. My house can host up to 20 people, so if a customer cancels 24h, I loose the rental. Finding a large group does not happen overnight, and I might have rejected some rentals bc the house was supposedly, occupied. And I cannot rent just rooms, it's forbidden as I'm not a hotel.

So, my advice: Divide cancellations in 2 or more terms. Like this:

before 90 days, free of charge

Before 60 days, 30% charge

Before 30 days.... well, let's say 50%

Beyond that...sorry, no refunds.

I know it's difficult, we have also to protect guest rights... but my house is for large groups! think before renting if your friend or friends are going to let you down.

BTW, when I make reservations using other sites or local agencies, I always refund the money if I get to rent the house again... not easy to do with Booking.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Enrique Fornes


Welcome, your english is very good.


Under Property - Policies

 If I understood you right, setting the Rate PLan as Flexible, and then policy to firm for 30 days brfore arrival can cancel.


I do not know if they will accomodate custom settings, but no harm in asking them via phone t othe support team, or send a detailed message instead.


Might I also make an alternative suggestion, instead setup only Non Refundable rates. Along with payments by Booking , where the guest prepays BdC. and payout every 10 days + 2 -3 days for bank transfer.

It works very well for thosoe of us who use it.


Curious to know why you think you cant rent by room , many do it and it works well to maximise income options.


You could have some rooms as Genius enabled , while others are not .
You could have Genius rooms with minimum 2 nights verus non genius with no minimum. It helps widen the net  so to speak.







Kind Regards



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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hello Enrique Fornes! Thank you for your post in the Community! In the lik below you will find the steps to adjust your policies:


In the same page you will see on the right part of your screen the following:

"Looking for more options? See our full list of cancellation options here." 

If you click on the option "here" you will find more options on how to adjust your cancellation policy starting with the question "Is there a period when the guest can cancel free of charge?". 

We hope this is helpful for you! Best regards!

BrookAve 3 years ago

@Community Admin you have completely missed what the topic was actually about...


As per below he specifically wants these number of days and not the set list BdC provides. As it is too short in terms of the max. number of  days


before 90 days, free of charge

Before 60 days, 30% charge

Before 30 days.... well, let's say 50%

Beyond that... no refunds.

Enrique Fornes 3 years ago

Hi Barry

Thanks for commenting my post!. Re renting rooms, it's not that I wouldn't like. It's only that the regulations here (Ibiza, but probably in most of the municipalities) prevent me from renting rooms with my holiday license. To be able to rent rooms, I should ask for a hotel/rural hotel license (difficult to come by) and follow certain obligations, like having a reception, place for breakfast/lunch... and others that in my case are imposible to fulfill without big investments....

And re non refundable terms... I think I have not understood your tip... maybe you can elaborate a little bit. Sounds like a good idea.


Thanks anyway!