New to Booking.. and this I didn't like. Part 2


300€ maximum because we are a new listing? what's the reason? There should be a reason... I just do not grasp it.

as I said in other post, I do not rent rooms, I rent an entire house with many TV sets, nice furniture, lots of appliances....

years ago a group of guests decided that driving over my garden with a couple of quads would be fun. The total damaged was over 1,000 €

another season, guests decided to move my 75'' tv set, 3,000 € of value being moved... they didn't hang it back properly resulting in the awesome 75 inches tv set to be completely broken.... (now the new 65'' TV can't be moved ;)

thanks for hearing me ;)


BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Enrique Fornes


Wow thats quite a story of misadventures.


Hoestly I dont know of anyone who would want to pay 300  for as deposit but i guess that is down to the type of accomodation and the market for it in your location.


By any chance have you also invested in motion based cameras in the common areas such as where the TV are, that might help.


Amazon BLink  Cameras (XT, XT2) are very good.







Kind Regards



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Enrique Fornes 4 years ago

Hi again Barry... Thanks for sharing with me your thoughts :)

300€ is probably a lot for a room, but in my case I always take at least 1500€ as security deposit. It's a whole house to be kept undamaged!. I have to say that 99% of the guests behave really well, but we have to be ready for that 1%.

As for the cameras, I have thought of it, but I'm not sure how that would affect guest privacy...


anyways, thanks for your tips!