New to Booking.com and having a hell time.

Hi, I have not been paid for my first booking and can't seem to be able to talk to a real person at booking.com to find out why.  Ive only had one booking with Booking.com and Air bnb are a lot easier to deal with.  My guests were from 24th March to 7th April.  Should I have been paid by now?

Also, I did find a number *** to call yesterday (can't find it again today) but its asking me for a 4 digit pin number that I should have been emailed when I signed up.  No idea where  that is.  Cant find it on any correspondence.


Help!  is anyone out there?

Adrianne Leslie 3 years ago

Dont want a badge- Just want some help.  Is anyone out there?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Adrianne, 


Welcome to the partner community , addressing only partners and occassionalloy the BdC communities Team.


These  are not BdC Support or Finance Teams.


Note when you are the first to reply to your own post it removes it from the unanswered list, so best not to do that, instead edit your own post. until the first responder replies. 



Speaking of badges please complete your partner profile especially the property link to the live listing is important so other partners can see and advise.


Guide here: How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile


Click on my name to load my profile to see how it should look for an example. 

It shows an extra button called See Their Property.

In mean time simply copy paste the listing url up to the .HTML part, everything after that is not needed., in to here please.


Can you confirm the following:


  • Your Extranet access is working
  • You are Online/Bookable ?
  • You have completed the Location verification by post ,and entered the code in the Extranet.


The partner contact options are different from the Contact Us in the footer link.

And differ for each of us due to location /region


You will find it in Extranet > inbox> Booking messages. Then on right pane click on See Contact options to reveal the phone number and the message option with category/sub-category. I have noticed since 4 days ago, they seem to have gotten alot slower to respond. but that could just be the IE/UK support team.


It also follows the sun, switching to different region teams depending on time of day you ring at.


The usual identifier is your partner ID located right of your property name on top of Extranet when you logon.


Not sure what the 4 digit thing is unless that is the location verify letter code.




Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well