New partner restrictions: credit cards / verifying my property

I have currently 3 (soon 4) active properties registered on Booking.com.

The oldest have been proposed on Booking.com since September 2017. The second one since January 2022. For these two properties, I have been always able to see the Virtual Credits Cards (VCC) of my guests with no problem to charge them.

I have registered a third property on Booking.com last 27 April 2022. And since that date, it is not possible for me to see the VCC of the guests. I guess this is a new procedure for new properties, as described on this web page:


I have call several time Booking.com to ask how this would change, and each time I have had some different answers. One time, I was said the property need to be listed at least one month to have this access to the VCC (but know, five months have passed and nothing has changed). Another time, I was said that I must have 6 reservations for this access to be granted. I have had more than 6 reservations and nothing had changed.

On the web page mentioned above, it seems that the new property must now be verified by someone at Booking.com. But when I phone and asked if something is blocking this verification, or when it will be done, or what to do to help this, the employee I have on the phone has strictly no information or idea on this issue!

May someone had experience the same nightmare, and offer me some explanation how this restriction could be lifted? I would be really grateful!

My situation is very complicated, because for each new guest I have via Booking.com, I have to ask for a paiement by Credit Card, and the guest really do not understand why they have to do it, as they have already given their credit card to Booking when they have booked on Booking.com. Most of them refused to do that, because they think their credit card will be charged two time (and well, I may understand them!).

Please help me!!!