No payment

Hi. i have an hotel in indonesia 4 rooms
Booking.com do not pay us from already more than 2 month.
Every week they say next week.
At the first time payment was good until booking.com deside to do not pay us.
no answor from extranet and no answor by telephone.
Now I'm wayting tomorow the next client from booking.com to say it's not posible to sleep in my hotel.

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jaybeegee 4 years ago

Sorry to hear about your payment issues - I must say that it is not my experience at all and switched to the option to have booking.com handle my payments.

Until you resolve your problem you might want to switch payment policies that the guest pays you directly (either on arrival or before arriving) - have you considered this?

Bonnenuitlabuan 4 years ago

No I wish that booking.com pays me.
After I will see if I continue to work with booking.com