No Payment being made

Has anyone had any issues with location verification. Our property has been put on hold for nearly a year now for a location verification. We have submitted videos several times as they requested but every time we get told that we don't include something they are looking for such as the bedrooms and the living room when the video clearly shows it. They asked us last year to honour the bookings we had already taken while the location verification was being sorted and booking.com now owe us £1000! I have contacted so many times to ask them to pay the money they owe us for these bookings but i continuously get fobbed off with a customer service agent who says they'll pass it onto finance and then nothing gets resolved. One of the customer service agents on one of my many phone calls actually began laughing towards the end of the phone call which I just found absolutely shocking.

Iker Olabarri Sauto 1 year ago

Sorry hear you kellie! Same happend to me since January. No answers no solutions and theyowe us 3500€!