no receipt of paymemts

Good Morning

I have been waiting for payments since june with booking. con spain and just going round in circles trying to speak to someone in credit control. I have phoned the finsnce snd account manager number I  have repeatedly. I get told again and again that they will message credit control with my query and someone will get back to me but they never have. Am at my wits end - does anyone have an actual phone number for someone in credit control?! Is their an ombudsman for travel agencies like ABTA in the uk?! 

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jaybeegee 3 years ago

hi and welcome to the partner forum.

sorry to hear about your ordeal!

not sure about the ombudsman option and would suggest you do that once you have exhausted all options.

Have you tried calling the dutch HQ number?

Also did you try putting it all in writing and send to customer support via the extranet inbox?


Tracey Hubbuck 3 years ago

Hi thankyou for your reply - I have emailed many times through the extranet - all with no reply - and where do I find HQ number?