No response from Booking.com

Five days of runaround,no response non relevant messages from Bookining.com all because they owe me considerable sums of payments.Despite forwarding bank statements.Total Silence!!!!!

Any help out there before I instruct my solicitors to raise action?

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fluff 3 years ago

The UK had problems very recently when BDC had a huge hiccup on payments.

Where are you?

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Captainsquarters21 3 years ago

A whole load of us never got paid, the last ones just got paid a couple of days ago.

We have asked for our April commission to be refunded to us as a goodwill gesture.

Payment was due the 8th and most never got money till the 24th May.

No one answered the finance phones no one answered our pleas for communication.

We all feel your pain look at the recent feedback under the heading. i have not been paid for last month!

227 comments. Don't expect to get much communication!!!

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Albania 3 years ago

they really dont care. i had the same issue. when i contacted them via phone call they werent available always at that time..

Liz 3 years ago

I am still awaiting my payment for April. Was issued a 'proof of payment' via email and told to ask my bank to trace the missing payment from this. Needlessly to say, it meant nothing to the bank and 'hey ho', I am back to telling BDC to trace the payment. Extremely unhappy at the run around and complete lack of communication on this matter. Very poor customer service to service providers, that BDC make a fair bit of money off for very little work their end.