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Goodbye madam, sir,

Customers booked after April 6 have not canceled with me, but did not show up (no-show). I have indicated in the system that these costs must be passed on. How do I get my money for this period of a booking? Customers, tenants, only pay in cash.


Dag mevrouw, meneer,

Klanten geboekt na 6 april jl. hebben bij mij niet geannuleerd, maar zijn niet op komen dagen (no-show). Ik heb in het systeem aangegeven dat deze kosten doorbelast moeten worden. Op welke manier krijg ik mijn geld voor deze periode gestort van Booking? Klanten, huurders, betalen bij mij alleen contant.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Martijn 


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A Reservation from way back in April , that  you marked as No Show,  you have not received payment from Guest.

You normally collect payment yourself on arrival, instead of having BdC collect it as a prepayment.


Is that Correct?

If Yes this is a classic mistake by a Host Partner.


By default if you have not setup any prepay or other pay process, the guest is not required to pay in advance.

And therefore the expectation is to pay on arrival.


This is were there is a grey area , and no way to chase the guest for payment on a non refundable rate for example.


Hopefully you learn from this lesson and enable prepay and or Payments By Booking.


Payments - FAQs and all you need to know



The correct solution is to enable prepay under Property > Policies.


Then decide who will collect the payment:

  1. You via Online Payments  
  2. BdC via Payments by Booking.com



If you are going to do do your own payments, then have a look at :



A Partner offer for BdC Partners with SumUp.

The ability to take payments by sending a new guest a payment link or taking card details over phone, will require asking the Payment service provider for a Virtual Terminal


A Virtual Terminal is not provided by default.


Another such service provider is https://payrexx.com


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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Hi Martijn, 


My guests can pay here with their credit card via a paying device on arrival. 

Because of the covid 19 situation I have now changed within the system to take chances that people not arrive. (And don't cancel) Just to reduce the hassle of chasing guests. Things can change rapidly so I keep it low key for everyone. 

Yes you may lose some money, but you have saved yourself a lot of stress. 

If you don't like that idea, it is best to go by the previous advise of BrookAve.

What is your property looking like? ( me: "nosy" Dutchy) Add your property to your profile and we can all see ;)


Aaltje B.  


BrookAve 3 years ago


Indeed, and for those who dont cancel and are No Show, so long as they prepaid you still get something , based on your cancel policy setup.

First Night only, 50%, 100%


But when you have no pre pay, you can try chase them for payment but there is zero guarantee you will get them or they hang up.