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The guest was a No Show and we have marked it. Now we got a message from Booking.com that the reservation fee is ₹0. We cannot agree with that as we have kept the room for your booking. Please update us on the same. our contact: ***

BrookAve 3 years ago



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If you mark a booking as a No Show, and there is no refund, then the reservation stays active and you eventually get a payout.


If you are saying that since marking the reservation as No Show, that the reservation details page is now showing the value as zero, then something has happened between the guest and BdC , I suspect.


Phone BdC Support with  the reference number  or message them to review it.

They will be able to tell you.


Is this a prepaid booking?

i.e. Online Payments  (BdC issued VCC) or Payments By Booking is enabled?



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