No show guest - Čarda Florida bungalows

Dear Ser od Madam,

We had four bookings in all four bungalows on 14 nights in September — guests did not cancel bookings, nor did they show up; we do not want to give up the cost of the reservation because they prevented us from renting out all the capacity for 14 nights. What happens to that compensation? Thanks in advance for your reply

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Miodrag Srdić

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago


Since this is only a Partner Community Maybe you should contact BDC directly through your Extranet inbox tab.


BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Miodrag Srdic


you have left out some key info on this..

1. do you use Payments By BdC ?

2. do you use VCC issued by BdC on reservation details?


3. if 1 = yes then the money is there held by BdC, you must mark it straight away day after due checkin date as no show, have you done that?

4. as long as everything was correctly setup, then you just get pay out at next due date.


5. if using VCC you can mark as no show and then vcc details are shown on day after check in date, go ahead and charge the VCC.


when was the original check -in date and check-out date?