No UK representative available on phones?

BdC have charged me commission for a No Show. I tried to click the no show button the next day but the extranet would not let me. I told them the lady did not arrive, sent them her text message apologising and stating the reason. No money was paid as I don't have a credit card machine and am on cash only. They eventually marked the reservation as a No Show but now I have received an invoice for commission.

I have sent many more messages via the extranet and they do not respond.

I have been waiting over 46 minutes on the phone and they do not pick up.

The invoice is now due the day after tomorrow.  What can I do to resolve this.

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fluff 3 years ago

In extranet, go to invoices and select the one in question.

Then "view statement ".

Find the booking in question and click the "Dispute" box on the far right of that entry.

At the bottom of the statement click confirm? or similar wording.

Then you get a box pop up prompting you for details of your dispute reason.

Fill in as appropriate and submit.

It will take some days for BDC to confirm and issue a credit.

If you want to pay on time simply deduct the disputed commission from your payment. Once the credit note is issued your account will balance out.