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Good Day. 

I had a guest booking from 12 until 16 March. I was informed by Booking.com they will make payment within 10 days after the rental. I have not received this money and on top of this I received an invoice from Booking.com for the commission. This invoice is also more than the commission amount that was on the original communication from Booking.com. 

I must say that my experience with Booking.com so far, and I only had this one booking, is not very good. 

I would appreciate it to get my money for this booking and the correct commission to be deducted. 

Thanks for your assistance. 

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

You have posted this on the Partner Forum.  As this relates to a query for a specific booking you need to contact booking.com help team.  Use the Inbox icon on Extranet where you can contact a specific team with your problem.  You could call but from posts on here there are long wait times on the phone.

18 Dolphin Rid… 3 years ago

Thank you Sharon


Appreciate your time. I will try that. 


Kind Regards

BrookAve 3 years ago




First open the finance menu on extranet , 


and review the Reservations, then the invoices, and the row per reservation to confirm if any, what the breakdown is.


This could simply be an error .


Report it to them also using Inbox > booking messages, see contact options, choose message.



Kind Regards,