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Non Refundable option

I would like to ask if anyone has a similar experience and can explain to me why and how to change.

As a cancellation policy for my apartment in these difficult times i have chosen the flexi cancellation policy which is 7 days prior to arrival the guest can cancel free of charge. When i browse in as a guest looking for a place to stay my apartment comes up with the Non- Refundable choice as cancellation policy and clearly states the guest will be charged directly with no refunds. Is this because i have chosen the option of to receive the payment from the guest and then after their stay makes a bank transfer to my bank account with the amount.?

Unfortunately we do not have a pos machine to charge cards or preauthorize etc, so this solution from booking is what we need but we believe that in this way many guests would not book as they are "put off" by this policy which is actually not ours!!.. We want to be flexible but booking is being strict on our account and charging non refundable to our guests?!..

What can i do? Does someone have something to recommend? I cannot find in my inbox a way to send directly to booking this message...


Thank you in advance!



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Joanna and welcome to the Partner Community.

Please add your property link in your profile so partners can check your listing and help you.

Check again your cancellation policy make sure you have save changes...

Also check your Rates and make sure you have created a Non-Refundable rate.


Payments by is the best solution....has nothing to do with cancellation policy, as far as I know.

Wish you well.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Joanna Andrioti


  1. You are addressing other Partners, BdC Support will never see anything posted here.
  2. Contact  Options for Partners : 
    Dedicated Partner Contact Options - Visual Guide
  3. Prepaying via BdC doesnt put guests off, thats a myth.
  4. There are also plenty of payment gateway options too and offers for partners such as : (with stripe)
  5. Reasons why some rates dont show can be:
    Restrictions set , 
    Date range choosen and overlapping restrictions or promotions
  6. Check your calendar in List View and expand all rates and restrictions.


Online Payments Versus Payments by Booking


  • Online Payment means at checkout they  submit CC payment details.
  • Then if you dont have prepay enabled in policies, then you can get the details fro m details page on day 2 after arrival to charge.
  • If  in policies you set  must prepay, then you get a BdC issued VCC to charge on same day.
  • Payments by Booking should now be weekly payouts, for most if not all regions.
  • In general PbB is better as you dont have to deal with chargebacks etc, more secure.


more info :

Online Payments



Cancellation, deposit and prepayment policies


Payments by




Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well



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