Non-refundable rate for booked nights

Hello everyone, 

Here is from Philippines and I would like to know regarding cancellation and refund. 

We've encountered several times guest checked in and found out they were not happy or they don't like the place or with their stay. They booked like 4 nights and just wanted to stay 1 night and decided to cancel the 3 nights. 

Is this reasonable for a refund which rates are non-refundable? They were saying they've been doing or have experienced like that they will to cancel and asked for refund. I mean, we were in peak seasons and rooms were reserved for them and to think there were other guest liked to booked and will be happy to stay but we accommodate them in the first place. We believe and stick to our policy but the guest doesn't seem to acknowledge that. I need to know if this is normal for all hotels worldwide.

Is this normal to have refund when they cancel the rest of the nights but stayed one night?


Looking forward to be hearing advises from you guys and hope we're not alone about this.

Thank you so much.

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pibomarco 4 years ago

They booked 4 nights, they must pay for 4 nights. It's up to host to decide if he will issue the refund or not. You can act accordingly to your cancelation policy.