non=Refundable rate

Anyone else having an issue with not refundable rate plan?  I have a 60 day cancellation period with payment 100% non refundable within that time frame.  But yet it looks as if you sign up with Genius which we were, guests can still book the non refundable rate non matter what the cancellation period is.  Guests are booking for arrival in a couple days and are able to take advance of a lower non refundable rate.   I changed it to 4 night minimum for the non refundable rate thinking that would eliminate the issue but no such luck.  Guests can still book.  And the 60 day cancellation period means nothing.  I had a heck of time eliminating the non refundable rate.  Did it about 3 different times.  

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago


Sorry am I understanding you correctly, you do not want people to be able to book on a Non-Refundable rate? Eg. They must be able to cancel and you refund them?

Ken 4 years ago

I had people booking on a lower non refundable rate within my 60 day cancellation policy. The reason for having a non refundable rate would be a lower price outside of the cancellation period. They were able to take advantage of the lower price even though they were within the cancellation period.  Also I had put up a 4 night minimum for the non refundable rate and guests were able to book for a 2 night minumum stay on the non refundable rate.  I hope that makes sense??