Not been paid

I do not know where to contact for a customer that booked with myself for 3 nights, back on 5th december, checking out on the 8th, and i now get paid every 10 days ish after checkout.  

But to date i have not been paid anything for this stay, and i have people stay since that date, and have been paid out already.  im really annoyed that this hasn't been paid.

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jaybeegee 4 years ago

hi and welcome to the forum.

Can you confirm that you are getting paid by booking.com directly?

In the payment settings you have the option to get paid either once a month or 4 times a month - you might want to check this too.

If you are on the once a month and booking.com collect the guest fees on your behalf then you will be paid in January 2020 for a December 19 booking.