Not being paid out after 2 months and 12 bookings!!

Is it normal to be left waiting (while they look into my issue) on the phone for 15 min. Then have the call disconnected???  
Only because after 2 months of dealing with their 12 bookings.   I'm fed up of never being paid out.   I've rang them a dozen times.  Over last 3 weeks.  They are just endlessly apologetic but promising someone will get back to me from finance!!  It's all rubbish.     Worst thing I've ever done.  Joining up with this company.  They couldn't care less. Nightmare dreadful compan

edward becker 2 years ago

Yes.  I made a small error in that I said 3 weeks.  I meant 7 weeks it has been since I began with them. 12 bookings   All very happy with things   Not a penny have I received. Just same idiotic reply's:

'we are here for you..,'

It is shocking how they operate such insincerity and block you from ever getting your issue even discussed! Let alone resolved.   My only recourse is via the county courts.  Who on earth wants all of that trouble. But I suspect that that is there policy.  Then hope you give up!

it's a win win for them!  But they are always 'here for you!!!'



Alison Rees 2 years ago

Well I decided to delete all the information off my add & replace it with....****** is no longer taking bookings from this platform due to a commission dispute......

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