Notification of Chargeable Cancellations


May I suggest Booking.com to Notify us, owners and managers, when a cancellation is Chargeable?! This impacts properties where Booking.com is not actually processing guest payments for their reservations.

Most of the time, when a guest cancels they ask for a fee waiver; we are notified and asked to approve, or not. That is all fine.

However, once in a while the guest does not ask for a cancellation fee waiver. In that case the Booking.com does not bother to send us any NOTIFICATION to let us know that this is, in fact a CHARGEABLE, cancellation.  Of course, eventually we find out at the end of the month when Booking.com send us a bill for a COMMISSION on the cancelled reservation. Meanwhile the card details of the guest are gone from Booking.com system, as well as the contact details of the guest. So even if we wanted to charge the guest the cancellation fee there would be no way to do it!

The recommended action from Booking.com support is for us to verify all cancellations and check if they are in fact cancel-able. This is obviously extremely unproductive.

A much easier and productive solution would be for Booking.com to send a notification email to tell us very simply that we have a Chargeable Cancellation. This, before the check-in date, so we have a chance to retrieve the payment details and try to charge the actual cancellation fee (if the card works...but this is another story!)

Many thanks

Owner, Zanziblue




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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Dear partner, I think you should resend your message request directly to booking.com since this is only a Partner Community.

Wish you well.

Cristian Gheorghe 3 years ago


I talked to my dedicated Booking.com representative who forwarded me to the local customer service who forwarded me to the regional customer service who told me I should post this on the Forum :)

I was hoping Booking.com is moderating these things...


Cristian Gheorghe 3 years ago

In any case, I would appreciate feedback/ ideas of other Partners who may have came across the same issue.