Offering a special rate to one customer

I'd like to offer a special rate to a particular repeat guest, but don't see how to do that on Booking. The only solution I see is to have them book directly with us instead of through Booking but I don't want to cheat the system.  Airbnb allows me to send a special offer to a guest, which lets me customize pricing and also keeps it all above board.  Thanks for any assistance.

BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Foltahouse

Most Guesthouses typically will speak directly to and deal with the repeat guest themselves and not go through a 3rd party.

BdC do not have such a mechanism like the one you mentioned.


You are not cheating anything by doing some as direct bookings.

That is your business and no one elses, to put it simply. Its very common practise also.


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Don Burns 3 years ago

You could give one or more of the following to your repeat guests:

  • The room discount in cash, when they arrive.
  • A bottle of nice wine.
  • A gift certificate to a nearby coffee café, pastry shop or inexpensive restaurant.


Foltahouse 3 years ago

Thank you for both replies; very helpful.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Foltahouse, welcome to the Partner Community.

In your Reservation tab under the reservation of your customer you can change your rate and give him the special rate you want.  BDC will then charge you for the new rate.

Hope it’s what you are searching for...

Wish you a Happy New Year.

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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to add that the button is at the bottom of the reservation....

“Change reservation dates and rate”

Hope it helps you.