I was double paid a couple of months ago. Shortly after Booking wrote to me and said they would deduct the overpayment from my future pay outs. I've only had one booking since and they withheld payment on that.

I then had a message appear on my dashboard saying i needed to repay them.

I have messaged twice to discuss this. I would rather they paid what they owed and I'll repay in full but I've had no response.

Anyone else had this, how was it resolved for you?

Jeans Apartment 1 year ago

Hi Martin,

I have the same issue. I returned back around 2.500 EUR 3 October, but on 14 October I received an email from Bcom that I need to transfer the same 2.500 EUR.

Now they owe me for m reservation from September and I think it is better to wait until they pay you.


Martin Duncan 1 year ago


The issue is that I have spent that money as they told me they would be holding future payments and collect their money that way.

They made the error then they changed their minds about how to resolve it.

The either need to release the outstanding payment to allow me to pay them back in full or amend the amount owing to be the difference between the overpayment and they amount they held back.

I called today as it is now 5 days since I messaged them. The agent said she would message them but to allow 10 working days for a response!