We have been on Booking.com for 6 months, and regularly receive booking requests.  Unfortunately, as we are supposedly new on Booking.com, we have to arrange for payment separately, and then send the comissionto booking.  This stupid policy maybe because we are in panama.  So, imagine we get a reservation request from a guy in Europe who normally expect to pay via credit card.  Now we have to tell him he must wire the money.  Naturally, over 50% cancel.  Solution anyone?

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Moti,


Several I can think of.


1. Use a channel manager with a All-In-One solution - includes payment gateway, e,g, Guesty


2. Sign up for a Virtual Terminal and card terminal from sumup.com -  there is a booking.com partner signup link. With these you can take prepay over phone or card on arrival.


I used https://sumup.ie/bookingie/



3. Take cash only on arrival.




Kind Regards

Moti Weinberg 4 years ago

Thank you

I already take cash, but need to accept credit cards to assure they show up.

Lets hope they accept business from Panama

Thank you