Pago por transferencia bancaria

I have a client who has made a reservation with the payment method "Payment by bank transfer" which, according to the booking form, will be managed by Booking, but at the moment "Not sent yet" appears.

Do I have to contact the client to make the payment? Should i worry if she still hasn't made the payment? How can I know if she has already made the payment?

Thank you very much for the information


Tengo una clienta que ha hecho una reserva con la forma de pago "Pago por transferencia bancaria" que según pone en la ficha de la reserva Booking gestionará, pero de momento todavía aparece "No enviado todavía". 

¿Debo contactar con la clienta para que haga el pago? ¿debo preocuparme por si todavía no ha hecho el pago? ¿como puedo saber si ella ya ha hecho el pago?

Muchas gracias por la informacion.



BrookAve 3 years ago


Right lets start with narrowing this down....


  1. Are you getting prepaid? directly?
  2. Are you using Payments by Booking?
  3. If yes to no.2. then what payout option did you pick monthly or  4 times a month?
  4. If no.1, do you have a ePOS/POS/virtual terminal from a service provider to handle the payment? [payrexx.com, sumup.com, stripe.com]