Partial refund for channel collect booking?

I had a guest arrive, but the previous guest wouldn't leave.  I gave the new guest a different (smaller) room and promised a partial refund.

If I partially refund the virtual card, will that reimbursement get back to the guest?

What is the best way to accomplish a refund?


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Aaltje B. 4 years ago

I think best is to contact BdotC finance. They will change the amount of commission you have to pay. 

I am not sure about changing the room amount manually by yourself without letting the team know. This is for the second part of your question.

The first Part : guest won't leave. Why is this? Did he book for longer, or is it protesting about rules? 

Did he pay for staying longer? 

I have a special device at home, where I can actually pay back the guest if I enter a certain code. (This is with payment at the host's home / hotel / unit etc.) 

I assume you don't have this? 

If your guest won't leave and not pay try to find out what is the reason, and let the person pay. If not wanting to pay and he is only protesting, I would call the police. 

If the police doesn't have time for this, call a strong friend with big and strong hands and arms. 


I know the guests have a lot of rights nowadays, but honestly, when not paying after a stay you have more rights. 

Check if his name is his real name... 

Let us know how you got on. 


Aaltje B. 



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M Adamopoulou 4 years ago

Ella, so you have strong friends with strong hands and arms!!!!

Friends are always great to have....ha...ha....