Partner Commission Discount

I'm part of the 2022 partner commission discount programme where you give a mobile discount, and booking.com gives you monthly sales targets. If you surpass the monthly target you get 30% commission returned on extra nights booked. It's worked well for the first couple of months. I even managed to beat my target and get a little commission discount during the first month. But I notice that for August my target has gone up to 42 nights. This is strange since it's one cottage I let, so the max I could possibly sell would be 31 ! Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone help please?

Ben Seel 1 year ago

Just an update to this post: As advised I contacted Partner Support.

During the first call I was warmly and confidently told the issue would be rectified within the week.  

On the second call I was told the issue would be escalated and someone would call me back to explain when it would be rectified.  

On the third call I was told the issue would be escalated and transferred to the British team and someone would call me back. 

No-one ever called back and the issue was simply ignored. 

Also, the 'commission discount' that my extranet tells me I was awarded for other months was only partially paid (under 50% of that due).

The conclusion for myself is not to take any notice of these kinds of promotions from booking.com in the future, and certainly not to adjust pricing (for example to make it more competitive than on other platforms) thinking you will get commission back.  This promotion was misleading and didn't stick to it's own t's an c's. It wasted my time and alienated me from the booking.com platform.