I had a guest stay with us. Our first one. I did not take their credit card. On booking.com it says I am not allowed to see their credit card details. How do I contact Booking.com? How do I get their credit card details? This is ridiculous. I have no way to collect money yet they are trying to invoice me for their commission

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Hi Maria Wither


No you misread that, that doesnt mean what your thinking at all.


When you are new the services called Payments By Booking are not available until you have had a few stays completed, and take direct payment on arrival or prepaid over phone or prepaid using a payment link , or credit card over phone, or bank transfer details shared,etc..


So If the guest never actually was asked to prepay at time of booking, i.e. your Extranet Policies page , has it enabled there will not be any funds being held by BdC.


THe BdC service called Online Payments is where the Guest is presented with multiple payments methods at checkout... BdC system then holds the funds, 


It generates a VCC card info, and assigns it to the reservation details page, but as hidden. On day after the guest arrival date scheduled, those VCC details become available, I think its by 12 noon.


Now another Vcc related issue some fall into is notnothing what to do with the VCC info.

Simply put you need a merchant account or similar service ,aka Payment gateway provider service to allow you to charge CC, VCC and remote CC/VCC when physical card swiping is not possible.


Some call this a Virtual Terminal, and can be in the form of a webpage dashboard, and or a smart phone app.


With the new SCA/ PSD2 banking card standards now in effect, the Guest must still give you a one time code or their banking app on their smart phone must trigger a push notification, for them to click Approve.



  • stripe.com with payrexx.com
  • Sumup.com
  • izettle
  • square
  • etc


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how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox



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