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Good morning I had a reservation with number *** .Well he already paid and my payment shows that will be at 18th of July and today says that you will pay at 27th of July what is going on?

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BrookAve 2 years ago



  1.  what is the check-out date for their reservation?
  2. Are you using Payments By Booking?
  3. or Are you using BdC issued VCC?


Any booking prepaid to BdC on your behalf, will not be in the next payout schedule unless its check out date occurs within the previous period.


For Payments by Booking, there are two payout options :


Monthly , then processed by 15th of following month and bank transfered.

or 4 times a month, for the previous 8 days.


But again , and this is the part you need to pay attention to , if the checkout dates are not within the pay out period in question then its not due until the next payout.



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