Hi I’m a new partner

i have listed my flat and have somebody staying soon

they have booked but I don’t know if they have paid ?

if they have entered details and will be charged by booking com after their stay or if I have to collect payment myself ?

the guest have updated their card card details on the site ? 

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi david rowlanf


have you genuinely followed the entire section on -Your First Steps ?

Your first steps with Booking.com

Is your property now location verified via postal letter ?


It sounds like you have approached this arse-ways. an Irish term for doing something incorrectly, in wrong order.

You need to decide all of the payment methods and options before you start not after.

Another famous Irish saying that applies goes,'dont put the cart before the horse'.


Next steps :

  1. Set Property > Policy and set up cancelation policies, and are rates prepaid.
  2. under Finance > Getting Paid, try to sign up for Payments by booking

Unless you have sumup.com or payrexx with virtual terminal as a secondary option, you will need to insist on BdC giving you the Payments by Booking.


We generally advise all new partners to use this system, for the easy setup, quick setup, zero stress, more secure transactions etc.


As Isle of Wight would say, ' As for it via the Extranet Message or phone method and insist on it as you have no method to accept payments either prepaid or on site. And if they dont you will go elsewhere.'


I think by default if you have not set an finance getting paid settings, Booking will default to direct on arrival payment from guest.


This is bad for many reasons such as No Shows

For the existing Reservation, you will just have to either :


1. Contact Guest and ask for prepayment via SEPA bank transfer and provide them your:
IBAN, account name etc

2. accept cash on arrival. so message the guest to make sure they understand its on check in its payable not check out 


Kind Regards


Dont forget to add the property listing link into your profile.

How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile