I just joint booking.com as a partner and my property has been uploaded open for bookings right now.

My questions:

1. if a guest booked my unit, how are you (booking.com) going to let me know? to my email ?

2. if the guest made the payment, how are you going to pay me?  you don't have my bank account # or my credit card right?





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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

Hi you have actually posted this on the Partner Forum and not sent this to booking.com help.  Seems like you are part way through setup, if you haven't given them your bank details.  Pretty sure you'll get a message from them about setting that up so keep an eye on the Inbox on Extranet.  Also, I recommend you installing the app on your phone that way you'll be notified of bookings both by email and on the app. Good luck.