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I'm paid weekly by Booking.com but have just looked at my invoice but nothing has been processed , has anyone else had this problem. Should we be paid as normal.

BrookAve 3 years ago




Simply Message the Finance Team for now and let us now what they come back with.


Extranet > Finance > Overview

Contact info is displayed there.



Kind Regards

Wayne Landsberg 3 years ago

I have had three booking for March but yet on my invoices it shows as no activity.

I have messaged Booking but have YET TO RECEIVE A REPY.

Extremely frustrating


I am paid 4 times pm but it seems like a long and labouious process

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Dear Partners! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Indeed we experienced a 1-2 days delay on weekly payouts as the banks are overwhelmed with payments at the moment. But most of the payouts were sent already.

The information in the Extranet will be updated later.

Please accept our apology for the inconvenience.


Best regards!

Wayne Landsberg 3 years ago

Sure but these are my dates and still nothing received by way of payment !!!


Wilby, check in: 2020-03-02 check out: 2020-03-09, Status ok Paid online

Michel, check in: 2020-03-09 check out: 2020-03-12, status ok Paid online

Massiah, check in:2020-03-13 check out: 2020-03-15, status ok Paid online

invoice shows no activity. Your site indicates.....

You will receive a bank transfer four times a month. After your guest checks out, you'll be paid by bank transfer within 10 working days.

Why is it so difficult to work with Booking.com