Payment commision February KU HOUSE

Dear Mr/Mrs,
Thank you for your being value partner with Ku House Homestay.

Could you please help me check this payment for February commission of Ku House Homestay. I transfer money already in Mar 06, 2019. My account is increased for this transfer. But after pending for processing time, My invoice is still not paid.
So could you please have a check?

I send the picture to show up my account is deducted for 100,62$
Thank you.
Best regards,

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Hi Kelvin.

I see that you have problems with an invoice.

You can send your question to the finance department of BDC

Login to the Extranet of BDC and look for the finance tab on the far right on my page.

They should be able to sort things for you.


Aaltje B.