Payment from guest

The payment from the guest which us currently in.my apartment should have been done yesterday.

how do u get the money?

guest already paid to booking and my bank account is in the System....



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Barbara Mach


What you have not shared is what payment option did you setup?


If you only added your bank account info and did nothing else, then guest needs to pay you.



But if the Reservation page details has a Virtual Credit Card then you need to either have a POs/ePOS/Virtual Terminal or contact BdC to change it to Payments by Booking.


Payments by Booking will get them to take prepayment, and then based on 4 times a month or monthly, your choice on setup, the system pays out by bank transfer,


Contact BdC support to apply for Payments by Booking. Or you may see it under Finance menu.





Kind Regards,