Payment no received


 I have two booking has completed hosting. But no received payment from booking dot com.

may I know what should I do now?

May I know how to do setting only accept credit card.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi vincentngow


  • What Payment  Policy and options have you enabled?

    Since you have already had guests, and they did not directly pay you, it sounds like, then that tells me you should have enabled Payments by Booking.com.

    Now I am thinking you failed to do that, and that their will not be any payment.
  • By default the cost is not collected by BdC.

    The default assumption by the system is that you collect payment on arrival, this has always been the case.


So it is on you to decide if prepaid or not, and when guest must pay, check-in or check-out.


If it is the case guests have left and not paid, due to the misinformation, then while you ca n try contact them up to 7 days after check out to request payment , you may find it difficult to do so, if they claim they already paid, (but did not).


If you want to only take payment directly and on check-in, invest in a ePOS service such as payrrexx.com or sumup.com.


These also give Virtual terminal on request, which allows for both prepay and when you need to do things like collect deposit or after checkout ask a guest for missed payment.



The best and ideal method is enable :

  • Prepayment
  • Payments by Booking.com



Kind Regards