Payment reversal to guest

Good Day Booking.com,

I received notification on that i have a client to check in 29/01 this Friday.I have used your alternative "cancel reservation button" also manage to close the date on calender after notification.Please understand i am new on the site.So far had hosted 1 guest successfully  on 18/01 though i will receive payment on 28/01 as per your notification. 

My current problem is that i have only 1 room and the client that idls suppose to check in on 29/01 (Friday) is very angry at me for not accepting their booking as they contacted me privately and suggested that i have to pay them and they have already paid Booking.com.Bare in my i have also not received their payment for such a reservation from booking.com.Is it possible to reverse their payment back to them as i dont have a room available that day (29/01/2021).

BrookAve 3 years ago


Reminder action requests will never be seen here nor actioned.

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