Hey. We have heard that we would have to enroll in to some kind of payment option to capture payments only through booking.com? We would like to work like that now and in the future since we don't usually meet our customers during their stay so thats how it would be more convenient that customers could only book and pay our rooms through booking.com and we would not have to worry about the no-show customers or cash/any other payment problems. Hopefully this could be done fast as possible.  

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Typically there are 3 options:


  1. Payments By Booking.com - prepaid, payout 15th of following month, or 8 days periods paid out a few days after each.    
  2. Virtual Credit Card - Guest pays BdC, BdC generates a VCC and attaches the details to reservation. Partner then on check-out or end of month bulk claims payout, via a Virtual Terminal or similar services (e.g. sumpcom.com, payrexx.com)    
  3. On Arrival, Card or Cash - an epos smart phone app ; a PoS contactless device; or Cash is king.


Note: the best option or best of both worlds is the sumup/payrexx, where you get to charge the VCC via their 2-3 methods.

The virtual card method usually needs to be requested after sign up.


There is a special signup for booking.com members. Can also be used for Expedia etc..

They take BdC sign up via : https://sumup.ie/bookingie/

The signup takes you through choosing a POS device for a one time fee and then register you. The device is shipped quickly and arrives within 7 days normally.






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