at the beginning I didn't set up the payments trough booking.com, as soon as I've noticed I've changed the conditions and now my guests pay trough Booking. But I didn't received money from a guest yet (they left on the 29 of July) and the new guest, just checked in, asked my how they have to do the payment. So I guess not everyone has payed to booking. How do I know who have to pay to me and who did pay already on Booking? I also received for the first time an invoice from booking. Didn't understand about what. Just wondering to know how can I check who has to pay or already payed.

Thank you



BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Sara


Firstly by default if nothing setup for payment on Extranet, you get paid directly by guest on arrival.


Once you turn on Payments by Booking, you receive payout every Thursday as of July.


It used to be commission + gateway fee is deducted before payout.


Review this area to see what invoices and reservations are due. Else phone support as per guide below




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sara Bolognini 3 years ago

Thank you, 

I've contacted the Booking assistant and just discovered the guests left without pay.